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The Story Behind Non Typical Outdoors

We started our company after 32 years of wildlife management, including planting food plots.  My Dad, Paul Edmunds a grain farmer and rabbit hunter, started clearing and planting strips of wheat for his rabbits back in 1980.  Back then, the whitetail population was just beginning to flourish in the East and the biggest threat to Dad’s food plots was deer!  So, he started clearing more and more strips to accommodate all the wildlife that used the strips and, before long, there was a network of food plots being utilized by every species of wildlife on the farm, including many non-game species and now included various plantings of both summer and winter annuals as well as perennials.

What began as a method to feed his rabbits evolved into a complex food plot system that was years ahead of his time!  With all of the expense that goes along with planting a food plot, why use sub-par seed?   As my Dad used to say, “Why go through all the trouble to work the land, put down fertilizer and lime, plant, and use ‘sorry’ seed?  At Non Typical Outdoors, we want you to understand why you are planting and what you are planting.  We also know that many of you are not farmers and we want to help you have the most productive food plots you can!  It is this “common sense” approach that makes our company and seed blends “not your everyday seed”!

Good Planting,  James Edmunds

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